Tuesday, August 13, 2013


nowadays many people chase after money and fame
everyone is busy impressing others
we burn each other to win the favors of the renowned
most times we tear apart our world and keep blaming others for our silly mistakes
we always think that we are the best
but the truth always stings when we pretend like it doesn't even matter
we always make sure we live in luxury to satisfy our wants
have we ever cared about preserving our humanity ?
we hide our dark side to keep proving that we are perfect
but the fact is what make us special
everyone is getting greedier
everyone wants to be number one in everything
my elders taught me that I must be proud to born as a human
because we are the superior beings
but I feel ashamed and my heart break into pieces
when I see people being mean towards others,
no one bothers to help other people,
they feel very happy as long as their problems are solved
my friends always ask me why I even bother helping others
as though it is a necessity but my duty because it makes me happy to be human,
scoring high marks in exams and winning gold medals in every sport are not so important
knowledge must be learnt to make us wiser and develop our skills to make us better persons
we all can learn anything we want but remember to earn it
you have to share what you have learned selflessly
nobody is willing or even trying to give up all evil
Have we ever thought about showing loving-kindness towards others?
Are our eyes cursed to stone?
Are our heart worse then the devil's?
How can we just walk by a soul screaming for help so coldly as though nothing is happening?
Every time I feel tense
I try to do something positive to cheer me up
Try to understand,
I'm not complaining,
I'm just shouting out loud
So, you can hear me
Be yourself, be HUMAN!

Kiren Shanmugan,15

p/s : love this poem so much :) be human , please :) a nice one :)

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