Saturday, June 25, 2016

The littlest things

have you ever just grateful to have someone *generally, family.friends. who remember all the littlest things that youu really5 love to do..

it hve been days that I really cravingg STEAMBOATTT. the me type selagi tak dapat benda yang craving selagi tula susah nak makan benda lain. 2 hari tak makan pon takpe..sebab kalau makan pun jadi mual...lagi bertambah teruk kalau tgh datang bulan. wajib kena laksanakan craving or badan terus jadi sakit dan mual yang sgtla teruk. thankyouuu guyssss melaksanakan makan2 ni.hehe. I really5 do appreciate it. at least this make me  feeling less bitter for wht ve happened this un fun week.

thankyou for those yang concern pasal perpindahan ke rumah sewa too. its such a sweet deed that you guys wanna help to carried our stuff without even asking!! macam tahu2 je tengah pening psl brg keperluan lagi.. RIP money,,,for this week. all cash sedebuk in a day. mmg sakit. mula2 ingt nak pakai khidmat je then few friends tawarkan diri nak help rasa ringan sikit kepala.  at least, less money bab servis ni. terharu gila bila diorg kata apa guna kawan. huhu. nila org kata kawan yg akan muncul bila tengah susah. bila dunia tengah tunggang terbalik. ceh. hiperbola. Alhamdulillah for that kind of friends. my dad akan datang bersama brg2 keperluan lain but I xnkla susahkan org tua bab nak angkut and agihkan brg ,.coz after all this timeee....takde org lain yg buat accept my dad...kesian ayah least masa my dad dtg all dh setup tinggal dia letak tilam je.hihi. forever be my king and my beloved hero.nilah perkara perkara kecil yang boleh mmbahagiakan orang...make me happy....
tapi bila buat baik ni it take few people to realise it.... ada org buat baik 1000 kali pun org tak nampak tapi sekali dia shaitonnnn selamanya akan dicap shaitonnn..thats human.

skang tgh viral psl a couple sewa limo. nak rasa sweet ke apa ke tu pendpt masing2. nk kata mmbazir ke tu duit lelaki tu. sukatila kan nak buat pe. maybe duit dah bergunung sgt smpai xtaw nak watpe so pi sewa limo,hoho.bagi pndpt ikhlas aku perkara yang sweet tu benda2 kecil yang orang lain tak nampak bertapa bermaknanya perkara kecil tu kat  kita melainkan org yang sayangkan kita..... sebab org yang syg kita nila akan nampak benda yg org lain xnmpk kat kita. so dr situ kita tahuuu dia betul2 sygkan kita. cthnya benda cliche la aku suka makan. org yg rpt or syg mesti tahu aku suka and they give me  food..hahha nak bonus sayang++ diorg bagi fav food. ada banyak lagi contoh lain tapi kena rahsiala! tak special kalau semua tahu. :p something about me I realised  Im not someone yg kebendaan . bukan nak be proud ke apa or whtever u thinking, alhamdulillah my parent ajar I a great lesson about "kebendaan". Although asal dr family yg boleh je nak dpt apa yg kau nak tapi my dad still teach me how to get it but in a hard way and yes of course u kena always pray to Allah utk minta apa yg kau nak dan apa yg kau dh ada sekarang. :)

nah aku tinggal 1 lagi fav lagu ost love rosie .huhu. lagu takde kaitan dengan cerita.

Dreams, dreams
Of when we had just started things
Dreams of you and me
And it seems, it seems
That I can't shake those memories
I wonder if you have the same dreams too.

The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but it's so true
I know it's not right, but it seems unfair
The things are reminding me of you
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?

Alone again (Naturally)

I just love this song

In a little while from now
If I'm not feeling any less sour
I promise myself to treat myself
And visit a nearby tower
And climbing to the top
Will throw myself off
In an effort to
Make it clear to whoever
Wants to know what it's like When you're shattered
Left standing in the lurch at a church
Were people saying, My God, that's tough
She stood him up
No point in us remaining
We may as well go home
As I did on my own
Alone again, naturally
To think that only yesterday
I was cheerful, bright and gay
Looking forward to who wouldn't do
The role I was about to play
But as if to knock me down
Reality came around
And without so much as a mere touch
Cut me into little pieces
Leaving me to doubt
Talk about, God in His mercy
Oh, if he really does exist
Why did he desert me
In my hour of need
I truly am indeed
Alone again, naturally
It seems to me that
There are more hearts broken in the world
That can't be mended
Left unattended
What do we do
What do we do
Alone again, naturally
Looking back over the years
And whatever else that appears
I remember I cried when my father died
Never wishing to hide the tears
And at sixty-five years old
My mother, God rest her soul
Couldn't understand why the only man
She had ever loved had been taken
Leaving her to start
With a heart so badly broken
Despite encouragement from me
No words were ever
And when she passed away
I cried and cried all day
Alone again, naturally
Alone again, naturally

Thursday, June 23, 2016

2 am

its 2 am in the morning now.....
esok exam statistic....hope tak macam comp archi tadi. menangis tengok soalan. terrible gila. statistic=math=and i doesnt into math sgt....and my course basic are MATH+PROGRAMMING.
course InfoSec ...whyyyyyyyyyyy.hahaha. dalam byk2 upu yang bersuaian dngan pointer aku kt matrik kenapa aku dpt InfoSec T_T. sumpah down gila. dengan programming ke laut, math lagi ler. kadang2 kita merancang Allah yang tentukan...I always remind myself Allah the best planner.... the perfect Life Designer..benda jadi mesti ada sebabb..tapiii how i wish i know the reason nowww than later....or years after now. ni macam kes masuk sekolah sains. sigh. suka belajar sains tapi ....... hmm.  I love learning but passion tak tinggi sangat mcm org yang betul do the programming. hadap computer for hours...coding T_T . rasa macam tak fit enough. tak tahu nak cakap kat siapa dah sbb semua org punya pndpt to me is too cliche and tak open up my mind sgt... or Im beingg too ignorant. haha. Im the type yang rela/ lebih suka tulis karangan full smpai 10 muka surat pon takpe asalkan NO MATH/NUMBERING. but whyyy I always dpt yg contra from my passion. T_T My lect ckp if u think it doesnt fit u are still early to backout but I dont think I can be able to do that...thats wayyyyyy too easyyy. and im not that kind of person. I kinda love risking my life as it make life more colourful, adventure and experience-full. So, rene.... u must willingly proceed and u just gotta be extra kental ! remember BABAH and MAMA always.

bebelan malam. kuatkan semangat sendiri. since beginning mmg kita tak boleh harapkan orang lain utk motivate diri unless you yourself :) - lect kimia KMM

Monday, June 20, 2016

Define Arina

Assalamualaikum hai selamat pagi :)

Act ppagi dh grumpy sikit sebab org kacau aku sleep............ memcik tau. dhla diz week mmg tidur like 2-3 hours. btw, now kitorg tgh final. doakanlah kami dpt jawab dgn baik. flying colours githu. yeah final tula tidur ke laut sikit, dia punya tak tenang tu lain mcm . mata panda jgn ckplaaaaaaaa.

What is Arina?
A mixture of Aris+Muslina=Soft+Rough=Kind+Naughty=Patience+Temper

if u know what i mean

What Arina love the most?
People buying her food.LOL

What Arina hate the most?
People disturbing her basic needs. Such as sleeping&eating time.

What is Arina FAV hobby?
hm. eat read sleep

In a GREAT food relationship with
Shawerma *currently FAV after breaking up with mee tarik

Why Arina is gettin fat?
because she eat more but less exercise ,she realise it but whos care.HAHA

When will Arina be the 47kg Arina back?
a second moment when she saw her body goals then back to 5xkg Arina, So I bet it take a longggg time to go. In Sha Allah but not promise 47 . Too far farrrrr awayyy to catch up. but thats not impossible.

What Arina love to do when nobody around?

What is Arina should do now?


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Countless pain

Assalamualaikum hai :)

today my body, my teeth and my head was shocked with the news that I will undergo a mini surgery , Teeth implantation. I was totally restless and very unready with everything. act more to unready to bear the pain.

something like this


memandangkan minggu ni minggu presentation , minggu busy banyak , kurang rest... paling awal tidur pukul 2, lewat after subuh. so semalam, I sleep like after subuh as I ve to monitor my group utk prepare presentation hari ni. 


So, I went to my appointment like usual . I ingt hari ni buat checkup biasaaaaa....who knowsss kena implant pulak as the other the doctor said implant crowning apa semua buat after habis RCT. Im still undergo  RCT sebab gigi yg mati tu too manyyyyy... 1 gigi pun makan masa sejam lebih. 

dr : So, arina today we will do a mini surgery. Implantation.. pasang tu pasang ni.. bla bla bla *banyak sangat yg di cakapnyaaa.haha. tapi yg aku ingat... akan sakit sikit bila suntik kat gusi ni, weve done it before right?   okay, tapi bila suntik kat lelangit ni sakit banyak.

me : gulp. suntik gusi bagi aku pun sakit banyak......lelangit yang dia kata sakit banyak ni? kau rasa??????? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.stweessss. but I always remind myself whenever Im feeling down with the pain Ive been through with this " Allah choose you for reasons. Allah know u can bear with everything. Its okay Arina this will make you more stronger. "

frankly, air mata sakit tu mngalir masa suntik kat lelangit....memang sakit BANYAK sangat. suntik gusi aku dh biasa, so macam boleh tahan sikit...lelangit ni perh......itu baru permulaan.......

selepas beberapa seketika after pmbedahan..

MA : kenapa muka tu dah sedih dik? memang sakit, tpi tahan ya..muka tu dh okay dr dulu cuma parut2 nanti kita elokkan lagi.. kalau cucuk gusi pakai jari pun sakit, suntik...belah dengan pisau apatah lagi...

me : hell yeahhhh!!!!! hahahaha it is soo sakit. so dont make me talk.  Im just kidding , I cakap dlm hati je..luaran angguk2....kesan ubat bius dh makin rasa sakit tu sgtla bertambah tambah sampai naik ke kepala.  

dr : ouh so insyirah ( dr mmg kejap panggil arina kejap panggil insyirah) parut ni dh matang ni did u do anything about it?

me : yeah i sapu the dermatic and pakai pelekat tu. I think its already fine than before.

dr : ye tapi I think next appointment nak suntik je bagi hilang terus but u kena tahan sikit okay? you know how much pain it is..yea?

me : okayyyy..... my dr sgt perfectionist ..kalau boleh rasa nak buat pembedahan plastik trus bagi semua flaw kat muka ni hilang.hoho. aku dh redha dah segala parut yg ada...kat muka, kat hati. cettt.

keluar dari bilik doktor , there is my infinity dad... Im forever blessed to Allah because everytime Im in so much pain , my family always be there for me. Family is surely everything.... Infinity lovee..and my backbone... No love can defeat the power of love between blood. and whatever will always choose to trust you.despite how naughty and stubborn you are. Thank you Allah for this life and love of my life :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Girls Dont Cry

well big girls do cry sometimes when they cant bear the sadness. The pic above is me-be-like for the past 3 hours......I kecewa. I sedih. I geram.

I kecewa sebab I careless

I sedih sebab ia melibatkan maruah diri sebagai seorang perempuan muslimah

I geram sebab hmm, everythingla!

yeah I menangis sampai kering dah mata ni, I remembered the firsttt timeee I rasa perasaan macam ni masa I was in form 1. My friend, a boy......came near me and said "bau kau wangi la" and I was likeeee ^%&^%*&*$* . what theeeee....u sniff on meee?!!!!!!!!

I never accepted the words his said as a praise. I rasa seolah satu penghinaan. Hina yang teramat sangat5 sebab I let a opposite gender sniff on me. Although at that time I tak rasa I pakai any perfume *because dari dulu bukan penggemar perfume....he can smellllllllllllllllllll meee. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Since that I tak pernahhhh pakai perfumeeeeee sampailah satu hari when Im 18,  I jalan with my mummy lalu Victoria Secret and I jatuh cinta  dengan set perfume BOMBSHELL...all about youuu is wonderful BOMBSHELL! then umur 20 baru dapat pakai.wahaha. tu pun masih berjaga jaga supaya peristiwa form 1 tu tak berulang lagi.. Just pakai bila tahu tak bercampur sangat dengan lelaki. *me myself may not very much pious but I percaya semua manusia akan ada naluri utk mnjadi baik . I punya berjaga-jaga tu sampai mummy tanya I tak pernah pakai ke BOMBSHELL tu ....dulu nak sangat... sebab nampak sangatla tak terusik. huhu.

yesterday...without I even noticed, my awrah was exposed....

Awrah (Arabic: عورة‎) is a term used within Islam which denotes the intimate parts of the body, for both men and women, which must be covered with clothing. Exposing the awrah is unlawful in Islam and is regarded as sin. The exact definition of awrah varies between different schools of Islamic thought. 
Prophet sws said, “No man should look at the ‘awrah of another man, and no woman should look at the ‘awrah of another woman.”
[Reported by Muslim]
 Neither men nor women should uncover their genitals at any time except when in privacy. Men and women should at all times wear garments that are loose and made of material that is not transparent enough to see the skin colour and shape of the other (male or female). Not only that, they must also protect their gaze from the awrah of those unlawful for them.
O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness - that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember

“No man should look at the ‘awrah of another man, and no woman should look at the ‘awrah of another woman.”

yeah it should be like that because a man should be someone who protect and lead us...woman...but somehow..theyre soooo  irresponsible.Theyre not being TRUE MAN. They didnt protect an awrah of a woman......Im not blaming on them 100%..but Im just a lil bit frust as it was exposed without I even notice and the person who notice about it didnt try to "save" or "covers" me.......they even enjoy watching it... this really remind me of a video that I watch a guy saving a woman's pride by covering her when her pants is loosing down when they were playing in a theme park. I believe he is not a Muslim but why he can save the woman's pride??? COMMON SENSE and being a TRUE MAN! However what I get,...the main is...we ourselves MUST COVER our Awrah PROPERLY...realized that if we re not taking care and love ourselves..who else will?? the guy who enjoy watching us? noo..... just us , us and us.....and we must always remember as long we re not married..we as  child, Im as a daughter always and alwaysss bring our parent's pride together with is pretty sad when imagining a parent who took care and love they child eternally carried a lot of they child's sins and automatic sent to hell.

O Allah! Forgive my past and future sins and whatever I have done in secret, and whatever I have done in public. You are The One Who brings forward and Who delays, there is no deity worthy of worship but You.

p/s : 2:22 am which i can talk to someone right now.. :')

Friday, May 13, 2016

nice words please

assalamualaikum hai :)

Selamat pagi semua. Im typing in the dark as I malas nak bukak lampu ganggu tidur lena my beloved roommates. if byk typo please bear with it.huhu. im tryin my best for not to. today I just wanna express my feelings and observations of people nowadays.

if u understand what Im tryin to point to. these days having even a lil flaw people will try to condemn you. criticize this and that. some harsh words easily been throw out publicly. they think they tried to "advice" but they surely are nooottttttttt. they point out flawsss and said something that shouldnt be said. Sometimes I didnt understand that the new world of today that everybody want to look sooo much perfect so that they can earn praises from other people. why do u need praises from people?? there are just people. theyre not an angel. the have they own flaws tooo although they tried to hide it. be confidence to yourself. wakeup everyone! Allah SWT create us differently with varies of abilities that we can proud of. so, shine yourself and dont let people take you down. sometimes when people try to take u down surely theyre jealous of you either ure already above them or theyre being insecure coz ure being the reflection of what they want to be.

usually this kind-thing-condemn people I read it in comments of social medias. despite celebrity , nowadays orang biasa2 pun "terkena juga". I always read and feel like "whoaa this people, did u ever heard if u didnt have anything nice to say ,say nothing at all???" "dont they feel any guilty??" "why are they behave like this?" " didnt they know they might hurt other people feelings?" "where is love and respect?" those are some questions that will pop out in my mind. whenever i feel like I want to comment others social medias I will think twice before I post it. if i think it will benefit to others surely I will proceed if not I press the backspace key except for my boyfriend sebab dia kuat mngusik. so I will give some kababoom words into his heart. hahaa.

this things too happens to meee.. many times but awalnya I macam ignorance but sometimes perh menusuk dalam jiwa. before that, about 4 months ago I terlibat dengan accident. and it cause me serious dental injuries and some broken bone. kalau people dengar cerita tu its just like ouh dia jatuh motor. what people didnt know that half of face is totally hancusss. yela social medias people will talk without any solid evidence. hentam kromo githu. orang mesti macam "dah kau tak bagitahu orang mana orang nak tahu?" HELLO back to the prinsip if u didnt have anything nice to say ,say nothing at all . Im not the person yang mencanang and tell every lil thing yang happens to my life, even I accident pun ramai tak tahu. I love to keep it that way. my way.. belajar security la woi how to protect your personal info =.= but im tellin u this as to make it the perfect story. the perfect example and I hope u guys understand..behind every picture have their own stories .so back to first, I mngalami mostly kecederaan di muka. rahang I patah.both of them and gigi I berterabur and some of them patah and berserpihan. yeah im sad about it, but ni semua terjadi dengan ketentuanNya so I never blame on faith.

so utk meratakan gigi i balik...the firsttt thingsss yang i ingat doktor buat sesampainya I kat hosp mereka ikat gigi i dengan besi, diorg tarik balik gigi-gigi yang dah lari ke belakang tu ke tempat yg asal. its hurt very much...and the saddest part I kehilangan gigi rabbit I. kan ada 2 gigi wabbit, satu extrusion and another patah separuh *kira I ni jatuh tersembam dengan dasyatnya sbb muka i memang teruk, i assume sebab I also tak ingt apa yg dah jadi. then after longg time , several of treatment, surgery I been through I post this pic 

ni before tampal sebab banyak proses perlu buat sebelum sesi menampal gigi dan crowning dan implant :)

I post sebab terlalu byk msg brtnyakan my current condition *masa tu jari I patah so bertambah malas I nak reply nak menjawab persoalan mereka I post pic punn I think muka I dh okay sbb tu I post...buttt thennnnn there are some people that didnt have high sensitivity laugh about my teeth....they didnt know what Ive been through..and they laugh bout kat situ I frust sikit.. yang paling mngecewakan bila ada yg cakap mcm ni"sayangkan dulu muka okay skang dah tak"...ya Allah. Allah itu maha besar. Dia nak tnjuk kat hambanya yang dia boleh tarik nikmat yang diberikan tu bebila sahaja. itu kebesaranNya. KuasaNya. siapa kita sebagai hamba ni nak mmpersoalkan KejadianNya. kalau I malu pasal muka I...since earlier I takkan benarkan sesape pun jumpa I kat hospital at first sebab earlier muka i lagi teruk berjahit sana sini dngan bengkak darah bekunya, dahi flowerhorn,bibir kalah angelina jolie.luls. tambah2 lagi my boyfriend... Im kinda lucky to have him :) okay nnt i create special post psl dia.hahaaha. 

thennnn yesterdayyyy, I post this pic pulak

they call me fat.HOHO.okla maybe I take it seriously but i dont it something nice to say to people? now i faham cerita kawan i semalam perasaan dia bila org panggil dia montel. not me panggil.orang lain k. haha

I told u I patah rahang isnt guess what?? I tak makan selama sebulan sepanjang healing process sebab gigi I kena ikat dengan getah dan arch it is really hard to eat. reasons. sbb dia nak betulkan balik kedudukan gigi and support rahang tu. so sepanjang sebulan tak makan susut memang susut sbb I just boleh makan benda cair and it really upset me the most sbb i org yang suka makan. my familyyy palingg faham sangat apa i rasa, they feel bad about it sebab yela i jenis yang fluffy2 minta food itu ini and i craving a lot! tetiba i diam and tak makan.......sepanjang tu I fikir, orang selalu tolak nikmat makan tu bila ada rezeki kunun2 acah nak diet..nk kurus mcm model, bukan nak kurus utk sihat, pastu makan tak habis, rezeki dibuang mcm tu . bila terjadinya kemalangan ni I macam seolah dah tak kisah tau...sebab I dh rasa macam mana perasaan bila tak dpt makan tu, so I tak kisah I makannn jeee prinsip I as long BMI I still di aras yang normal. *if u read this blog u tahu I punya prinsip-prinsip  makan tu mcm mana, malas nak ulang hahhaa. Yes I hve many rules for myself for reasons :) tambah lagi I buat pembedahan di rahang , they put plate and screws, so muka I kalau perasan betul2 dia akan nampak gemuk dad alwaysssss cakap ni.haha sebab tu i tahu muka i gemuk sebelah, I tak kisahhhh tapi bila people keep talking sedikit demi sedikit self low esteem jugakla. yang atas tu muka i bila senyum full. pipi yg naik dinaikkan lagi tu nampak bolat bertambah tambah potato.

ni kalau senyum biasa ihiks.

nampak? gemok sebelah. ahahaha. I harap u guys faham example yang I nak smpaikan .bukan i nak denied I gemok tapiiiii I tekankan kat sini before kita condemn org please make sure u know their history or the real story at least. so I berharap sangat3 kita menjadi manusia yang bijak dan beretika ketika berinteraksi dengan orang lain di media sosial :) ini kata2 yang my mom always said yang selalu jadi pegangan I sampai sekarang tak kiralah di laman sosial atau di alam realiti :

Mata lebah.. Jadilah kita seperti mata lebah, cuma melihat dan memilih yang baik-baik. Walaupun lalu di tempat pembuangan sampah atau tempat yang kotor dia tetap mencari yang baik dan cantik. Maka, janganlah kita cepat sangat memberi label. Cari dan kaji pasti ada kebaikan dalam setiap kejadian. Oleh kerana itu apa yang dihasilkan lebah adalah ubat segala penyakit kerana bijak memilih. Berfikir secara positif, mengambil tindakan secara positif maka hasilnya juga positif. sekali lebah sengat kita
, boleh membawa maut mata lebah jugak memberi hasil yang baik dan manis.. iaitu..MADU.


Mata seperti ini cuma melihat yang buruk dan busuk sahaja. Yang baik dan wangi adalah musuh utamanya. Bangkai dan tempat tempat kotor adalah tempat tinggal yang sungguh selesa bagi mereka. Cuba fikirkan, lebah kalau hinggap pada bunga menghasilkan madu. Lalat kalau hinggap pada makanan..dia tinggalkan najis ataupun pun lebih sinonim kita sebut “kentut lalat” atau “telur lalat”. Bila termakan makanan yang dihinggapi lalat kita boleh sakit. Ini yang dikatakan bila suka melihat sesuatu yang negatiftindakan kita juga negatif dan hasil yang kita dapat juga negatif.

Friday, April 15, 2016


hai guys!!!

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selamat tinggal sahabatku

sometime I think I ve to stop blogging.
but blogging is everything to mee...I love blogging so much till now
but since 2015 its changed a lil bit...
Its making me upset and automatically I cryyyy


I start blogging 2010. masa tu I form 2. I have a friend :) I meant it.just Friend. karate kang kalau u guys pikir bukan2. Nama dia Ahmad Danial bin Ibrahim. He's 3 years older than me. My senior during school. I kenal pon sebab he was my ex punya friend kenal time jamuan raya then more further dalam facebook sebab dia pakai gambar patrick. and berbalas perlian kat twitter? i guess? cth perli yang paling I ingt dia cakap

"orang yg private akaun twitter ni dia letak no pin bank ke mcm mana"

dia perli sebab dia terunfollow i and malu nak follow balik.hahaha sakai.macam tulah I tak brpa ingt. we become closer sebab passion yg sama in writing and reading? then dh close I dunno why I ajak dia buat blog. masa tu zaman blog mcm femes gakla time tula irine up, FL up.  haa so kita pon nak up kononn. hahaha. macam blog ni to us a good thingla sebab dia pon rajin post ,and I mcm relieves la sebab I yg ajak dia buat blog then he use it really well. then , I ajak dia buat akaun nuffnang pulakk..nak jana pendapatan ! in end of month, we both laughhh as our income is MYR0.45 !!! sebulannn 0.45 kauu! ado?! haha. how can orang dapat 1K. haih. need more traffic. unusual punya traffic mcm vivy yusof ka. huu my Icon .

dia jugaklah jadi pengomen tegar blog arinainsyirah niii. haha. kalau ada yg komen tapi anonymous I will know it is him! cara dia perli komen ke respon ke mmg I familiar gila. he also rajin buat kad every blog anniversary. kira kitorg kenal sama baya atau lebih dengan blog ni 5 years dah 3 tahun kenal tu , dia ada cakaplah my penulisan dah makin matang. alhamdulillah. We always text. we really closed but nobody knows as we're just connecting in virtual life. we never met. ye walau satu sekolah.walau satu taman. until the 5th yearssss  tu pon I yg suggest we met kat kedai mamak tepi rumah kami, (bukan gatai tapi hati I macam suruh kitorg jumpa at that time n at least talk a little. yeah dia duduk depan taman I je. haha. tu PONNNN we just met for like 5 minutes or lesss??? sebab he was too shyy. seriously dia tersangatlah pemalu tapi dalam msg dia tembak kau berdass dass macam apa je.hahahah.

He really5 a great friend. Masa I sekolah asrama, sometimes after call parent the only friend I call dia. sebab I dunno he's such a good company and listener and great in advising, ayat tak tapis direct..kalau salah is kita akan comfort with org macam tu..I remember the first time we otp, awkward gila and he has such a nice voice, he should be a singer. luls. dah makin besar I realised that we're soo soo closed, so I cakap kat dia we should kurangkan texting and so on what we've done. sebab friends tak buat macam tu..*THATSSSS AMONG STUPID THING IVE DECIDED. so, dia akur and sometimes je kitorg msg, and kadang2 dia call. happy and surprise at the same time tpi sekejap jela ats dasar term "kawan" tu. sometimes I text him sbb nak tanya what should I continue after this. sains komp okay tak? sebab he took sains komp too. dia cakap okay tapi utk perempuan leceh sikit. okayy nowww I FAHAMMM APA YANG LECEH TUUU hahahah as now rezeki I dapat sambung degree in comp sc. tapi now I dah takde dia to share my leceh pengalaman......its too late and now he's gone like forever. i dh mcm org tak betul depan laptop ni sometimes smile and cry...but sokayy sape je awake 4:21 in the morning.

After habis matrikulasi, I sometimes msg sbb nak bagitahu what I apply for upu. Dah terbiasa tell him every event in my life. then dia okayla. one thing about danial, he never replies me late. paling lambat sejam. tu i realize. One day, I tanya dia something about computer or internet or something about website. ni I pm dia kat fb. we decided to keep traditionally pm fb macam awal2 kenal bila urgent je  use whatsapp. coz he's aware that I xsuka be seen online kat whatsapp. okay sambung, I tanya thenn it took a longgg time for him to reply. I masa tu fikir maybe dia merajuk of something but Im clueless tapi memang tak fikir apa2 yang buruk. One dayyy.. after I drove back from work, I saw someone exactly like him! moto saiz badan warna kulit! sama! cuma I kena fokus memandu sebab jalan sesak , then balik I terus bukak fb I pm dia. kau kat kesuma ke? but again took a longgg time for him to reply.  again. i tak fikir pape yg buruk. and Im wonder whyy I tak whatsapp dia terus? till now soalan tu mcm lingering in my minds. if I whatsapp dia. I will the know the story earlier.......

ramadhan yang terakhir 2015...

whatsapp from mama : Adik, Danial Ibrahim meninggal dunia . *I baca msg tu awal pagi but I macam who's danial ibrahim? sbb kdg2 my mom mmg suka cakap pasal org yg I tak kenal

after berbuka puasa tengah kemas dapur, mama tekankan lagi..adik danial meninggal coz my mom tahu I rapat dengan danial. mesti dia pelik i mcm act like nothing is wrong. I tnya mama "siapa tu?" I totally lupa his nameee. yee i mmg susah ingt nama org ni! danial! itss danial! ya Allah! I terus berlari naik atas letak pinggan semua yg tak habis basuh nak pergi ambil fon I nak whatsapp danial , I nak call dia. I nak dgr suara dia and wishing he is NOT the danial that my mom cakap... yang already passed away..


me : helo danial??

his side : tsk tsk....suara perempuan nangis

me : poppy??? (adik danial tapi tua setahun dr aku.senior aku gakla) mana danial? nak ckp dgn dia

his side : abang dah meninggal siang tadi.

me : .................hanya Allah yg mngerti perasaan masa tu. I cry a lot..tears non stop till now kalau i teringat pon I akan nangis.

aku dalam dilema, I wanna go his house right now. tapi malam tu malam raya and i dh balik kampung and how im supposed nak patah balik . it took me 5 days till I boleh visit his family. the 5th day of raya, I plan nak kluar with my friend tpi trbatal last min, and I drove lalu kawasan perkuburan. I tengok dari luar je...dari tepi jalan as I dunno the right way utk masuk laluan ke kubur tu. I dunno which one his grave. and my attire macam tak sesuai kalau I nak cari pun kuburnya..*kebaya*. so, I directly drove to his house. bagi salam, mak dia mcm x expecting guest ofcoz I pon dtg mngejut.. luckily my mom cikgu yg femes dari mak dia ragu2 nak bagi I masuk dgr anak cikgu mus baru dia mcm okay sikit.haha. Mula2 I boleh kawal lagi semua perasaan, I kena kuat sebab skang I berhadapan dgn his mom, his family...soo diorg lagi sedih atas apa yg terjadi but after sembang2 dengan mak dia and bila I tahu punca kematian lagi I rasa sedih sampai I dah tak boleh kawal , tambah2 his family share byk pic of him, so lagi i teringat ingat n I tewas dengan emosi. I menangis... his mom hugged me and we cry together... she doesn't know danial kwan rapat dengan anak cikgu mus! yeah like I said earlier not everyone knows...we never show anything related....

punca kematian kecing tikus. when and where?? masa dia ke lwatan perkampungan asli di perak.* he tolddd me before he go!! T_T   ada sungai but dia tak mandi, dia just basahkan muka...several days lepas balik dia rasa tak sedap badan and lambat pergi checkup.. but he was seriously okayy a day before he passed away....his mom told me and show his pic...tapi Allah lebih mnyayanginya..too young to die but ni semua takdir. pergi pulak dalam bulan yg mulia..bulan Ramadhan. Semoga Allah menempatkan mu di kalangan mereka yg beriman sahabat. kami di sini mndoakanmu. Although you're not here but your presence still lingering still. Al-Fatihah Ahmad Danial bin Ibrahim.


Assalamualaikum hai :)

cewahh tajuk kemain promote matrik. eh mestilah! kalau bukan alumni matrik nak syorkan matrikulasi siapa lagi kan :) I just wanna share my several opinions as a matric student. I dulu pon lepas habis spm, kerja part time tu wajiblah kan as I takley dok diam punya orang.haha. besides, wajarlah berfikir tentang hala tuju masa depan. which want do you want to go? masa tu banyak opinion la i baca, SPTM, MATRIKULASI, ASASI and DIP. A-LEVEL/IB tu not in my list. haha As my babah is in academic line so he prefers between asasi and matrik. so, masa lepas isi UPU tu memang tak minta dip langsung semua taruk(taruk kau, bahasa apalani) asasi. pastu kan ada yang ada dia suruh tick dip kat bawah tu , I tak pilih as certain reasons. salah satunya sebab maybe keyakinan as budak sbp akan dapat matrik/asasi tu tinggi kod. bukan nak membangga hokayyy. just my naluri said so. 

okay i straight forwardla citer bab matrik ni. in my choices, 
1. Matrik Selangor (duh coss nak dekat dgn rmh)
2. Matrik Melaka (dekat dengan abangku)
3. Matrik Pahang ( saja nak penuhkan kuota.baha)

then I dpt Matrik Kelantan. i wasss likee what???? apeni . kata suruh pilih tapi satu pon tak kena alahaiiii. sama je mcm apply sbp dulu. suka campak iolls jauh2 taw. Matrik Kelantan sebuah kolej baru, ramai gakla my friends dapat I macam dah redha and ala sokayy jauh pon, I never been to Kelantan so okayla.. halah2 dalam upu asasi pon kau angan2 nak letak unimas. overseas lagi. ni pulak kelantan. For certain reasons, I mohon pertukaran, masa tu they gave me between KMM and KMNS. mula2 i nak KMNS je sebab dekat dengan rumah. YEEEE memang I nak dekatt dengan rumah dah taknak jauh2 masuk negeri orang.hahaha. then my dad cakap pilih KMM la sebab dekat dgn abang. so abang can visit me and bawak i jalan2. kononla. haha. As u guys know, KMM among the oldest kolej matrikulasi kat malaysia. so bangunan dia mcm kota sejarah . eh saya bangga ni. ramai kata i rugi sbb masuk kmm than kmkt sbb kalau kmkt lawa bangunan baru. well I dont give a demm langsung pasal infrastructure yang palinggg pentingggg SISTEM. dah set. dah organized. dah tetap. I dh berpengalaman benda2 baru ni masa SBP sebab sekolah i tu pon one of SBP yg baru. So, I macam chill cool suda la, bangunan je ponnnsss. I can surviveee.

I daftar lambat ...lambattt gilaa.sampai I rasa dah takde mood sebab that registration day my parent kerja. I daftar nak near 4 kalau tak silap. I dh fikir penatnya nanti nak kemas barang nak kejar waktu mpbb(orientasi). I almost merajuk with my parent tapiiiiiii good newssss nyaaaaaaa yang daftar paling lambat ni dapat bilik ground floorrrr! weheeeeee. my room tempat paling strategiklaaa dekat with academic blocksss. so tak jadi nak panjangkan muncung, alhamdulillah. korang kalau baca ni jangan lah saje2 daftar lambat pulak,luls..entah2 skang sistem tukar sape daftar paling lambat dapat bilik atas sekali ke.wahaha. tapikan korang serius tak rugi kalau dpt bilik atasss sekalii sebabnya dr atas bangunan tu akan nampak pantai pengkalan balak! and sunsett, lawa sangat!! I wanna show u guys the pic and the pic of my roomsss and certains place in KMM tapi it took a longgg time I wanna search for it. so Insyaallah kalau ada request later k. 

I really love KMM a lot. Belajar kat matrik ni just nice..maybe Im okay with it sebab it is not as strict as boarding school. ramai kata macam sekolah but it is NOT.NOT TRUE. macam I cakaplah sekolah asrama lagi strict lagi padat jadualnya.seharian dah diaturkan untuk kita . tapi untuk matrik pulak waktu belajar dari 8pagi-4/5 petang depends lecturer/subject. ofcozla ada rest sayang oi. 12 till 2 then continued.  then after that youre free to do what u want. nak terbongkang atau kuak lentang atas katil atau nak beriadah di padang yang besar sebesar alam dan cantik itu. takde syarat u guys WAJIB BERIADAH kena kosongkan bilik ke apa. NO2. I buat apa petang2 di KMM yg indah itu? Jadilah mcm sis rajin keluar beriadah.. lol. haha.nahh. haa kalau nak berbasikal pon adooo stornya! free je! cuma wajib bawa kad matrik :) I jaga stor sukan petang2..jaga je sometime played pingpong depan stor mostlyyy I kenal warga KMM thru stor sukan..sebab kolej matrik ni ramai dalam 2k , kau takkan kenal la setiap orang..even dekat UNI ni depan bilik aku dah 2 sem budak matrik tapi aku tak kenal pon, macam mana aku tahu dia budak KMM?? sebabnyaaa kalau bilik depan2 we share the same place to hung our kadang2 aku pelik macam ku kenal baju pink hijau itu atau maroon kuning itu. ahaks! haa sampai macam tu sekali kan. baju menjadi identiti. 

then, kalau nak solat u guys boleh je nak pergi surau terutama kalau kau lelaki rajin2 kanlah pergi surau , sebelah blok korang je woi, padang yg jauh gila tu rajin pulak nak pegi?!!! huhh ter emo pulak sis. kalau KMM every khamis malam jumaat wajib ke surau, akan ada ceramah lah. mostly best la macam benda2 ni makanan untuk hati kita. kita bagi nutrisi kat hati kita. act setiap harilah ada tazkirah maghrib but khamis malam jumaat meghiah sikit. so, malam sukahati korang nak buat apa, kalau nak 4flat rajin2 kanlah membuat tutorial dan nota2 comel, kalau sebaliknya tontonlah hadaplah movie kat laptop tu puas2. drama kpop ke.muehehe. malam depends , sometime ada kuliah depends on lect and sometimes certain subjects dia ambik waktu malam utk mcm alternatif dia nak bantu student. tu pilihan korang nak pergi atau tak. ada yg wajib ada yg ikut kesedaran sendiri. apapun tepuk dada tanya selera. kalau rasa nak mengubah masa depan rajin2 kanlah join sebab sangat membantu and hargailah pensyarah anda yg telah bertungkus lumus memerah idea dan menggunakan waktu rehat mereka untuk kita. terima kasih cikgu cikgi. Alhamdulillah setakat ni semua dapat pensyarah yang sangat membantu, syukur sangat.  terutamanya my Mentor, Pn Rahmah, beliau ajar saya sains komp. tak ku sangka ceq sambung degree in sains komp. Ikut jejak langkah mentor. 

kat matrik ada 4 pilihan, MODUL 1/SAINS TULEN ( FIZIK,KIMIA,BIO)

Alhamdulillah dapat modul 3 (s31p4) sebab ceq memang tak minat fizik. saya PST. so belajar untuk 2 sem. ouh lupa, pelajar matrik dapat selaun setiap bulan rm250. dia lebih kurang asasi tapi kitorg dpt elaun,haa best kan.haha. ringanlah poket ayah nak memberi.hihi.apalagi eh nak citer. kat kolej kalau nak makan tak dibenarkan masak, ada 4 KAFE. KAFE A,B,C & D. A & B utk girls sbb dia kat bahagian block perempuan. C&D utk boyss. tapi takdela strict sampai kau takboleh pergi langsungg kafe girl/boy. bolehh sampai pukul 7 sahaja :) Kafe A selalu jadi pilihan sebab byk pilihan, Kafe B my fav sebab dekat, I dok blok B2. turun je tangga dah smpai kafe. Blok C I dtg kadang2 kalau nak makan chicken chop and bakso! tak tahulah skang ni ada lagi ke tak. D tak pernah pergi sebab dia betul2 kat tgh kawasan lelaki, kdg2 aku pun tak sure kafe ni beroperasi ke tak. kat KMM ada gym (sometimes I go) , court tenis, bola tampaq,baling, jaring takraw semua ado. Overall I citer byk details psl KMM je I guess? hope membantulah sedikit sebanyak. if ada pape lagi pertanyaan feel free to ask :) dari matrik mana2 pon lah. I tak racist.ehm. ahah.



Assalamualaikum hai :)

bertarikh 15 April 2016 nak start blogging balik Insyaallah sementara dok dalam ni wifi pon derass je. haha. act banyak kali je nak post out sharing some stories but tetiba takde mood terus ke save as draft dan akhirnya dalam file draft ada 12  cant sleep yet . random things appears in my mind. macam tulah kan selalu bila nak tidur ada je benda nak kena fikir. sekarang tengah cuti mid sem but i balik U awal as iveee tonsss thing to do.....

Before balik Johor, singgah rumah my granny first . I lupa nak cakap kat mummy I nak singgah rumah and the house was locked. I kat luar was like..oh mannn..kredit takde..anddddd my granny house ada wifi but I just changed my I cant remember the new wifi password... sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga bergolek lagi. At that time 7 in the morning..ofcoz semua dh gerak kerja. I try called out my granny few times but sometimes I think my voice is not too loud and is it high probability my 90 years granny can hear me yelling from the outside??? I diam sekejap then duduk tepi tangga tetiba dgr my granny mcm cakap2..I bangun pandang tingkap, dia suluh kan torchlight ke arah I.. I was like wahhh miraclee my granny can hear me and tak menahan gila siap suluh torchlight nak tgk siapa dtg.LOL 

granny : sapoo tuuu

me : erin ni..adikkkk

granny : puleh la pintu bukak tak kunci

me : ?%$^@$%^$. kunci lerrrr

granny : haa kojap eden bangun ni

me : okayy wannn

15 minit kemudian....

me : nak bukak tak pintu ni?

granny : yo eden nak poe la ni

dengan gigihnya granny kuatkan badan betulkan kain batik berjalan terketar-ketar bukak kan pintu.huhu.nak nangiss. teringat masa zaman tadika sbb kecik2 granny jaga kita. dari nak sambung tidur kesian pulak tgk granny macam nak borak. berdas das soalan di tanya. Last sekali  ajak dia bekpesh . makan makanan yg  my babah belikan, sambil tu sembang2. dah bergolak sakan, perut kenyang lagi bertambah tambah ngantuknya sebab semalam tu tidur dalam 3 jam je, masuk bilik bukak aircond. KROHH KROHH KROHH. but still tidur tak tidur gakla as I cant sleep without my smellypillow.huahuahua. bantal kesayangkan ku dari turki airline. warna tiffany blue.sangatla comfyyyy. actually they was my parent's. diorg dapat masa pergi turki..  benda free ni mmg syok kan. bantal tu ada 2. at first one is mine and another was my sister's..... but thennnnn.... sebabkan bantal tu alike sheila tak dapat bezakan and both bantal ada bau I. haha. sounds mcm euww sgtkan. its not bau airlur, its macam setiap org kan ada mngeluarkan bau masing2..faham tak? tak faham , baca smpai faham. haha. sooo.. she gave hers, as ala sheila tu dh ada byk bantal.haha. so one I letak kat Johor(boleh bawa pi mana2), satu lagi I letak kt rumah. chingching, jap mcm mana boleh lari sampai ke subtopik bantal ni.luls. 

till now.Love.