Thursday, June 23, 2016

2 am

its 2 am in the morning now.....
esok exam statistic....hope tak macam comp archi tadi. menangis tengok soalan. terrible gila. statistic=math=and i doesnt into math sgt....and my course basic are MATH+PROGRAMMING.
course InfoSec ...whyyyyyyyyyyy.hahaha. dalam byk2 upu yang bersuaian dngan pointer aku kt matrik kenapa aku dpt InfoSec T_T. sumpah down gila. dengan programming ke laut, math lagi ler. kadang2 kita merancang Allah yang tentukan...I always remind myself Allah the best planner.... the perfect Life Designer..benda jadi mesti ada sebabb..tapiii how i wish i know the reason nowww than later....or years after now. ni macam kes masuk sekolah sains. sigh. suka belajar sains tapi ....... hmm.  I love learning but passion tak tinggi sangat mcm org yang betul do the programming. hadap computer for hours...coding T_T . rasa macam tak fit enough. tak tahu nak cakap kat siapa dah sbb semua org punya pndpt to me is too cliche and tak open up my mind sgt... or Im beingg too ignorant. haha. Im the type yang rela/ lebih suka tulis karangan full smpai 10 muka surat pon takpe asalkan NO MATH/NUMBERING. but whyyy I always dpt yg contra from my passion. T_T My lect ckp if u think it doesnt fit u are still early to backout but I dont think I can be able to do that...thats wayyyyyy too easyyy. and im not that kind of person. I kinda love risking my life as it make life more colourful, adventure and experience-full. So, rene.... u must willingly proceed and u just gotta be extra kental ! remember BABAH and MAMA always.

bebelan malam. kuatkan semangat sendiri. since beginning mmg kita tak boleh harapkan orang lain utk motivate diri unless you yourself :) - lect kimia KMM

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