Monday, June 20, 2016

Define Arina

Assalamualaikum hai selamat pagi :)

Act ppagi dh grumpy sikit sebab org kacau aku sleep............ memcik tau. dhla diz week mmg tidur like 2-3 hours. btw, now kitorg tgh final. doakanlah kami dpt jawab dgn baik. flying colours githu. yeah final tula tidur ke laut sikit, dia punya tak tenang tu lain mcm . mata panda jgn ckplaaaaaaaa.

What is Arina?
A mixture of Aris+Muslina=Soft+Rough=Kind+Naughty=Patience+Temper

if u know what i mean

What Arina love the most?
People buying her food.LOL

What Arina hate the most?
People disturbing her basic needs. Such as sleeping&eating time.

What is Arina FAV hobby?
hm. eat read sleep

In a GREAT food relationship with
Shawerma *currently FAV after breaking up with mee tarik

Why Arina is gettin fat?
because she eat more but less exercise ,she realise it but whos care.HAHA

When will Arina be the 47kg Arina back?
a second moment when she saw her body goals then back to 5xkg Arina, So I bet it take a longggg time to go. In Sha Allah but not promise 47 . Too far farrrrr awayyy to catch up. but thats not impossible.

What Arina love to do when nobody around?

What is Arina should do now?


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